Friday, December 1, 2017

Notice of Schedule Change – Bantam Super Bowl Game


The following change has been made to the Bantam Super Bowl Game:


Burleson vs. Crowley at AT&T Stadium at 3 pm



Comments from BVFA Executive Committee:


Good Afternoon.


I wanted to take the time to respond to the overwhelming number of emails I have received, along with other members of BVFA, regarding the Midlothian 1 Bantam Team. As a coach myself, I can appreciate the show of support from the many parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, coaches and others associated with the Midlothian 1 team. 


That being said, I truly do empathize with everyone that invested the time, effort, and sweat it took to help these young men achieve such a successful season. This entire situation has been extremely disappointing and frustrating to process. BVFA was placed in a "no win" position to decide on a matter that would have a negative impact on a child. That isn't right and is against everything that BVFA represents and those that represent BVFA.


After reading through all the emails I received today, I thought it would be important to clarify the decision BVFA made regarding the Midlothian 1 Bantam Team and head coach.


First and foremost, the issue that lead to the ruling by BVFA is not a simple violation of the 6-Play Rule of the BVFA By-Laws and Rules. The true violation went beyond any 6-Play Rule infraction. The 6-Play Rule was established to guarantee that ALL players on a certified BVFA team roster receive an opportunity to play, regardless of their ability, height, weight, performance, etc... Since incorporating the 6-Play Rule into the BVFA By-Laws and Rules, violations have occurred when a coach failed to give a player(s) their minimum number of required plays. Typically, it has involved a single player, but never more than 2. This is the true essence of the rule. It is understandable for a coach to make a mistake and forget to sub a player or even get caught up in the action of the game. Coaches are not perfect! That is why the BVFA Town Reps felt it was justifiable to make the first violation of this rule just a written warning from BVFA. It allows the coach to make adjustments and an opportunity to correct the situation from happening again. The issue regarding the Midlothian 1 Bantam team goes beyond that violation.


Once BVFA was informed of a 6-Play Rule Violation by Midlothian 1 Bantam Team, BVFA prepared a written warning and emailed that to the proper representatives to address with the head coach. However, a few days later, BVFA received additional information regarding the matter from multiple sources involved or familiar with the team. In that information, BVFA learned that a total of (9) players did not receive their minimum number of plays (or 40% of the team roster). Three of those players never even got on the field! BVFA immediately requested a copy of the team's 6-Play Sheet for the game. The head coach was unable to provide BVFA with a 6-Play Sheet, but was able to confirm that (9) players did not receive their minimum number of required plays. 


The combination of the total number of players that did not receive playing time (9), and the fact that a 6-Play Sheet was not kept for the game, lead the BVFA Executive Board to believe that these actions were intentional and deliberate. Subsequently, the BVFA Executive Board believes these actions to be a flagrant violation of the BVFA core principal in the BVFA By-Laws and Rules, Article II - Section B - "The Child First, The Sport Second."


Based on this being a violation of the BVFA Core Principle, the BVFA Executive Board concluded that the violation placed the Sport First and the Children Second and significantly altered the outcome of the conference championship game between Midlothian 1 vs Burleson and affected the children on both teams. After much consideration of all the players involved that were affected by the Head Coach's actions, the Executive Board ruled that Burleson be awarded the victory by a 17-0 forfeit. In addition, the Head Coach for Midlothian 1 is given and indefinite suspension with BVFA.


It is sad and unfortunate that the players, parents, friends and relatives of the Midlothian 1 team are being adversely affected by actions that were beyond their control. However, it was the team's Head Coach had followed all of the BVFA Rules that been put in place to prevent situations like this, the outcome would have been very different. It was those actions that had an immediate effect on the game and also included all the players on the opposing team. If there is a positive side to this situation, it is that the players will have four to five more opportunities to compete to play in future Super Bowl games.


Again, I can not begin to express how much the BVFA Executive Board agonized over the fact that they were forced to make a decision that would, in the end, have a negative affect on dozens of children, their families and friends. It is not a situation that anyone ever wants to be put in or deal with. Nevertheless, the member associations of BVFA elected those individuals on the Executive Board because they believed they were all of a nature that would allow them to make a unbiased decision on matters like the one regarding the Midlothian 1 Bantam Team.    


I appreciate the opportunity to provide BVFA's perspective on the this matter. I hope that this information has provided some clarity regarding this situation. It is regrettable that this all had to occur. If I can be of any other assistance in answering questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly by email.




Bobby Martin


Brazos Valley Football Association, Inc.


Comments from MYFL Town Representative:


Understandably, you, your coaches and parents are frustrated by the recent BVFA Executive Committee ruling to overturn the Midlothian Bantam 1 win in the conference championship game.  We as board members, and long time volunteers to the MYFL, are heartbroken as well that a rule violation has led to one of our own teams not participating in the Super Bowl.  But it was in fact a rule violation.  And one that the BVFA Executive Committee deemed egregious enough to pass down a harsh punishment.  We as an MYFL Board have to support and defend that decision.  The BVFA is one of the largest youth football associations in Texas.  We as a city league are grateful to be a member.  After spending 7 years volunteering time as a head coach for both tackle and 7on7, as well as 2 stints on the MYFL Board, I can assure you that the BVFA Executive Committee is fair and just.  When they have to get involved in rule violations, the outcomes are not always received well by all, but they are always unbiased and fair.  I can say this after spending years either coaching with, coaching against or serving on the BVFA Board of Directors as a Town Representative.  They have the best interest of the Child First.  Which is why “The Child First, The Sport Second,” is the top core value of the organization.


Zach Hopkins

MYFL Town Representative


Refunds for tickets purchased for Bantam Super Bowl Game


Those who purchased tickets for the earlier scheduled Bantam game and would like to receive a refund may do so by contacting a member of the MYFL Board and returning the ticket at which time they will receive a full refund. Click Here to contact BVFA if you have any problems.