Bantam Superbowl Champs!

Burleson Bantam2 Undefeated Superbowl Champions. Head Coach Andy Barrett

The Brazos Valley Football League Bantam Division crown belongs to Burleson for the second consecutive year! Unlike last year when the team scratched and clawed its way to the Superbowl, this team mowed down every team in the league with ease. Going into the playoffs undefeated, coach Andy Barrett's Burleson squad started off with a first round bye. In round 2, a 32-0 rout of Alvarado marked the first time that team had been shutout. Shutting out teams was something this team came accustomed to during the year doing so 9 times. In the Conference Championship game, Burleson faced a 10-1 team from Hillsboro. While the Hillsboro team dominated most of their opponents throughout the year, they were no match for the Burleson Boys and Girls Club team that dominated them with a 38-0 score.


The Brazos Valley Bantam Superbowl featured a matchup between two previously unbeaten teams, the Burleson team, and a team from Crowley, both boasting an 11-0 record going into the game. Burleson struck first with a 1st quarter td to go up 6-0. The ensuing onside kick was recovered by Burleson only to have it taken away by an offsides penalty! This penalty proved to be costly as Crowley capitalized on the mistake by returning the next kickoff for a td and going up 8-6. This marked the only time that Burleson had trailed in a game the entire season. Undaunted, the Burleson boys turned their game up a notch and rattled off 4 more TDs while shutting down Crowley's offense. In the end, Burleson prevailed with a score of 32-8.


The victory secured the perfect season for the team that scored 450 pts during the year while only allowing 1 offensive touchdown. The Burleson Boys and Girls Club also featured another bantam team that was very successful during the year. Coach Jeff Moss' boys went all the way to the Conference Championship game before losing to Crowley in a heart wrenching loss. The Bantam 1 team finished the year 8-3 making the Burleson Boys and Girls Club bantam division 20-3 for the year. Quite a remarkable feat! The future looks bright for the Boys and Girls club teams with such dominant Bantam level teams. Congratulations to all the boys on a great year!